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School Values

Nurture, Inspire, Flourish

We want to share the school's vision and values with you, please read the information below: 


Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Learning

Wintringham Primary Academy loves learning and seeks to inspire the school community – pupils, parents, teachers, wider school staff and governors - to love learning too.


The basis for a child fully accessing future opportunities is literacy and numeracy and the school works innovatively and tirelessly in securing this foundation. But we also seek to identify and affirm each child’s gifts and talents and provide opportunities to develop them. A rounded and broad education that lays building blocks for a child’s future is a collaborative effort, starting in the child’s home and celebrated across the whole school community.


Wintringham Primary Academy seeks to establish good learning practices to secure a love of learning, to equip our pupils to understand the world and find their place within it.


Our passion is to provide a holistic education that doesn’t just impart knowledge but skills for life too. In pursuit of both knowledge and skills we aim to add value to each individual child’s starting point and to promote equality, in all its forms, so that every child has access to the time and resources needed for them to reach their potential.


We take every opportunity to celebrate both academic achievements and qualities and attributes that we believe will serve our over-arching goal to inspire a love of learning.